Deb Giordano – Fitness Director – Trainer

I am a fitness coach and nutrition enthusiast, who is passionate about informing people how training and healthy eating can enhance their lives, not control them. I believe in a balanced approach to a healthy, strong and happy body.

I fell in love with exercise and eating healthy years ago when I first started working in the fitness industry as an aerobic instructor. A lot has changed since then and as fitness and nutrition evolve, I have made it my goal to keep up with the ever changing industry. I will help you to put lifting/training, good eating and healthy habits into your demanding and stressful everyday life with my strength training programs and nutritional guidance.




Sherry Oliphant MS, LMT, CP1

My fascination with the human body and how it operates as an intricate network of systems began in my first physiology class 15 years ago. I believe that the human body was designed to be healthy, and how we treat it is indicative of how we feel and move through life. Upon graduation from Benedictine University in 2001 with a graduate degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, rather than work in a hospital practicing cardiac rehab, I decided to focus on helping people avoid the hospital or rehab in the first place. By teaching those at risk of developing typical and widespread diseases and chronic pain syndromes (heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, etc.) to alter their lifestyle, they could absolutely, nearly 100% of the time, alter their fate. How we live, what we eat, and how we move through life has a greater impact on our health and well- being than any other factor.

In 2007, I started Executive Wellness, my holistic lifestyle consulting business. I am a licensed massage therapist, and have been educated in Thai Yoga massage, trigger point, and myokinesthetic therapies. I currently hold the following certifications from the CHEK institute:

  •   Corrective Exercise Coach
  •   CHEK Practitioner 1
  •   Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1 & 2Additionally, I am also an Advanced Metabolic Typing/Detox Advisor. I use every aspect of my extensive wellness background in exercise, massage therapy, and holistic nutrition to develop all-inclusive lifestyle programs for my clients. These programs are individually designed to create strength and balance within the body, reduce physiological load (stress), increase energy, boost mental clarity, promote weight loss and maintenance, and increase vitality and quality of