We love our clients and nothing makes us happier to hear about the great results they’ve achieved. See below for some of the great things our customers have to say about Whole Body Fitness.

Diana H.
Park Ridge, IL

“Whole Body Fitness is by far the best place I have found (city or burbs) to work out. I like it because the trainers are experience and knowledgeable and they go beyond just the workout. They provide insight and information on ways to stay fit and get healthy WITHOUT being overbearing or trying to talk you into buying something or an “upgrade” package. Class sizes are great and I definitely get a great workout. I switched to WBF in March and can see a huge change. I’ve lost weight, I’ve developed and toned my muscles and most importantly I really do feel GREAT. I would highly recommend this place.”

Stephanie D.
Chicago, IL

“I love, love LOVE working out @ Whole Body Fitness. The gym is always clean and all the trainers are super friendly and knowledgeable. Their non-membership policy can be confusing for traditional gym-goers, but once I logged in to the site, it became very clear how the classes worked and which cost how much. I like that they are expanding their offerings, but nothing beats a good Whole Body Workout. The class sizes are never more than 4 people, the workouts are challenging yet low-impact( so they’re good for my back!), and with all the additional knowledge the trainers have, they become educational. I love that they follow Chek philosophy and that the trainers all promote healthy lifestyle choices. I’m a little nervous reviewing this gem of a gym because I like how intimate it is, but really – if you’re looking for a challenging workout with an attentive, knowledgeable trainer this is the best place you can find.”

Stacey M.
Northbrook, IL

“I really enjoy the people involved with the gym and the atmosphere it provides. I feel motivated to workout and live a healthy lifestyle. They have a great group of trainers that are very attentive to my specific needs. I am looking forward to continuing my work at Whole Body.”

Kyle S.
Northbrook, IL

“WBF has all the best equipment including two squat racks with platforms, Olympic bars for men and woman with colored bumper plates, two cable pulley systems, dumbbells up to 120lbs, high quality swiss balls, and all the accessories that you would ever need like balance boards, BOSU balls, foam rollers, medicine balls, etc. The environment is very clean and dedicated towards total body health. There is a community based feel giving one the support they need to attain their goals. I would highly recommend this gym for those looking for individualized exercise in groups or private one on one.”

Chicago, IL

“I’ve been going to WBF for many months now and I get a great workout every time. The classes are small and the trainers are very attentive and motivating. The strength and agility exercises help me get through my week smoothly. Each workout is modified to meet my needs. It’s an unpretentious enviroment focused on the well being of others.”