Strength Training

Life is easier when you are strong. Strength training is a powerful tool for everyone. It creates the most positive hormonal environment in our bodies and it can be the best thing for those looking to lose fat. Our hormones run the show and tell our bodies what to do.
Strength training as in getting stronger, lifting moderate to heavy weights. The weights should feel heavy. Lifting heavy things leads to lifting heavier things. As we build muscle and get stronger, we are letting our bodies know that the muscle is important and not to burn it for energy. Fat and muscle are both forms of stored energy and when we have more muscle our bodies will use the stored fat for energy. Train as many muscles as you can.
Building and maintaining strength is the best way to ensure that you don’t lose muscle mass and it’s the key to lean firm muscles which will also helps fat loss and reshaping your body. Lean muscle requires more energy to maintain, and the more muscle you that you have the better your metabolism will work. Muscle is hard to maintain our bodies burns more calories and is harder to maintain than fat, Muscle = Metabolism
You need strength training, and there are many different ways of exercising to strength training and with consistency there are many positive results including: Weight control/body composition/fat loss Improves mood/boosts energy levels Better body mechanics/balance/flexibility Protects bones muscles and joints Helps prevent disease and degenerative conditions including heart disease, arthritis and diabetes Overall you will just be healthier.
Being consistent with strength training and maintaining your muscle mass while eating healthy for your goals should be your priority to make changes to your body and for fat loss.
Ladies please don’t worry about getting bulky. Females just do not produce testosterone like men do. You have to know that it takes a crazy amount of effort to become a muscle bound woman.
My strength training program is for everyone, it is semi private training sessions with 2-4 clients. I use progressions and regressions of exercises based on each clients fitness level. The program focuses on building strength with loaded and bodyweight exercises. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, pushing, pulling and heavy carries along with rotation exercises are the backbone of the sessions. The session will usually end with a short cardio burst circuit. For private training I write a program based on the client’s goals.