COVID-Studio Space

Any private training sessions will be 100% private – with no one other participants than you and your coach. No simultaneous sessions will take place at any given time.

  • No sharing of any exercise equipment between clients during any given session.
  • Session end and arrival will be staggered by at least 10 minutes to allow for cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Each athlete will work within their own area of the studio 
  • Coaches will maintain appropriate distance from clients and not use any touch cues.
  • All coaches will wear a face covering.

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Our social distanced 50-minute semi-private group sessions feel like personal training in a small group setting. Sessions are capped at 3 attendees! Our semi-private option is right for you if you want to get stronger, build lean muscle, increase your metabolism and overall fitness. Progressive strength training is the a proven way to increase your metabolism, add lean muscle tissue, and prevent injuries.


7:30am Tu &Th

9:00 M W F


Our 50-Minute 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions are customizable based on individual needs, assessments, goals and preferences but will always incorporate strength training in a progressive and sustainable way. 

We also train couples and friends for a private, 2 on 1 experience as well.

$70 session

$335/5 pack

Bring a friend 2:1 $110

$530/5 pack